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Jan. 24th, 2010


I'm back

Its good to see, just to post after 122 Weeks.ha ah...

Ha ah !!....

Sep. 19th, 2007


The Capitol - Columbia!!.

Sep. 13th, 2007


Again!!!. - Am I Young Still.

Finally, I'm 25 Today!!.

Days I have Lived : 9,132 and Still On....!!

Quick Info:
My 10,000th day will be January 28, 2010!
15,000th day will be October 7, 2023!
20,000th day will be June 15, 2037!
25,000th day will be February 25, 2051!
30,000th day will be November 7, 2064!
35,000th day will be July 20, 2078!..............................,,,,,..,,,!!!

Jun. 22nd, 2007


My Car..!!!

Oct. 12th, 2006


Life Cycle At Its Best..!!!

Mar. 19th, 2006


Just Like That.........

Harish Is Here...!
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Nov. 2nd, 2005


1 Week...Left..!

Hmm, Next Wednesday i will be flying to home, oh wow, i cant imagine that , after successful stay of 3 months here..he he...! I Missed This Year's Dasara, Diwali(Oh God Lots of Fuds...hmm)...!, but anywayz enjoyed HALLOWEEN Party here, Well anywayz looking forward for next wednesday..! :D

Oct. 25th, 2005


perl google page rank calculator

Hmm...! Well, Finally i was trying to calculate google's page rank, and i finally found some way after getting some help from educational sites, thanks for that, here is some of the screen shots, where u can see it running frm my localhost.

Google Page Rank Calculator

Screen Shot Below

If u want Source Code , Send a mail to me or leave a comment, then source will be yours - its free.

Oct. 16th, 2005


South Carolina - Greensboro(N.C) - Smoky Mountains ( 10 hrs Drive)

This Saturday, was full a drive, drive, drive and a long drive, well made ourself(Me, Suresh and shivas) free frm hectic schedule, and started towards smoky mountains on saturday morning with anoop from Greensboro, Hmm..! A gud place to visit with, i have some pics here..!

More Photos(Visit To Smoky Mountains)Click Here

Smoky Mountains:
The Park is one of the most topographically, biologically, and climatically diverse areas known (GSMNP 1990, USDI 1981a and 1981b, USDI 1982). Its lowest point, at the mouth of Abrams Creek in Tennessee, is 840 feet above sea level; its highest point is 6,642 feet, atop Clingmans Dome. This difference of over 5,800 feet makes it possible to gain a vertical mile within the Park's boundaries. Because of its remarkable diversity, the Park is an International Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site, two special titles accorded by the United Nations in recognition of the Park's biological diversity and the National Park Service's leadership in preserving it.
Established in 1934.

On June 15, 1934, Great Smoky Mountains National park was officially established. That is the date on which Congress authorized "full establishment, for full development."

Although the park was established in 1934, ten years more were required to tie up loose ends; in finalizing the purchase of lands and many other difficulties that went along with making the Smokies a national park.

Mrs. Willis P. Davis started the successful movement. Without her efforts, there would be no national park in the Smokies.

A debt of gratitude belongs to Mrs. Davis and her husband; also to Colonel David C. Chapman, Ben A. Morton, Frank Maloney, Governor Austin Peay and to many other individuals for their work on the Tennessee side of the mountains. Gratitude also goes to Senator Mark Squires, Dr. E. C. Brooks, Plato D. Ebbs, Horace Kephart, Congressman Zebulon Weaver, Charles A. Webb and their many workers on the North Carolina side of the mountains; also to the officials of the National Park Service -- Directors Stephen T. Mather, Horace M. Albright, and Arna B. Camerer; and to John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park has an average of 10,000,000 visitors each year.

Oct. 8th, 2005


Kalmia Gardens - A Jungle in South Carolina

Today had been to Kalmia Gardens - The geological history of Kalmia Gardens is a fascinating one of ancient deposits of sands and clays which now comprise the bedrock under our feet; the advancing and retreating of the Atlantic Ocean to its front door; and the powerful carving of a bluff over the millennia by Black Creek.

More Photos Click Here

Garden Description:
May Coker made the gardens in the 1930's, for a nineteenth century plantation house which is the oldest building in Hartsville. As the name suggests, the main focus is on Kalmia species.

Garden Address: Kalmia Gardens, Kalmia Gardens of Coker College, 1624 West Carolina Avenue, Hartsville, South Carolina, 29550. USA.

Directions for Visiting: Route 151 (60 miles east of Columbia and 3 miles west of Hartsville).

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